Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A snowy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving brought with it a good storm, as I am sure most of us experienced. We headed to Rigby to be with my family for the feast. We thought we were being smart by leaving early on Wednesday to my parents house, but apparently so did everyone else. I-15 was packed with traffic and we were all driving on bad roads. Most of the time we were only going 25-30 miles per hour due to the icy roads and because of all the traffic. We did have time to enjoy a good sunset as we were driving 5 miles an hour here. The total time to drive from Pocatello to Rigby was 3 HOURS! Thank goodness our little girls decided to take a good nap.

When we arrived in Rigby we were surprised by the huge amount of snow that was there. My parents had large drifts everywhere and the cars were all snowed in. All of the snow was fun to play in and good for jumping off of. This drift went mid way to my dad's truck door and then covered the back as well.

Brynlee decided she wanted to go skiing out side. We wanted to get up to Targhee on Friday but it was a little too cold for the little ones. Thank goodness my parents had lots of snow in their yard, Brynlee had her own private bunny hill and chair lift (her dad).

After Skiing, we moved onto snowmobiling. Last year we attached a rope to the sled skis and then let Brynlee go in circles, but this year she has moved up in the world to driving on her own. She had a huge snowy field to ride in and Luke was able to run along side of her to help out.

After awhile Brynlee decided to give her little cousin Aliza (16 months) a ride on her snowmobile. It was hilarious to watch Brynlee drive around the little sled with her cousin hanging on the back of it. They both did great!

If you are wondering what Chlöe did the whole time....Well this photo sums it up. She slept most of the time at my parents.

Great-Grandma Joyce held her for awhile and entertained the girls. Thanks Grandma.

On Saturday we drove over to the Rexburg bench and went for a snowmobile ride. Here are a few photos of Brynlee and Luke and Grandpa Allred.

Brynlee and Chlöe keeping warm in Grandpa's snowmobile trailer.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catching up again

The Nelson family is finally settling in and we are slowly getting into better routines around here. We have had a lot of changes with a new baby, Luke's new job- well career actually, and with me staying home full time. I had always looked forward to the day when I did not have to work or have most of the responsibility to work but now finally being here has taken some adjustments. I have had to remember that it takes a long time to get things done and I have had to adjust my expectations. My favorite part about being home with the girls is not having my life scheduled on the hour, well almost and having time with them...seeing the llittle things.

Here are a few photos of Halloween and Chlöe's blessing. I need to stay up with taking photos of little Chlöe because she is changing so fast. This was taken last week. Her little face has filled out much more, but I wish time would slow down a bit.

This is our craft project Brynlee and I made for Halloween.

Brynlee and Dad at the Trunk or Treat.

Our trunk decorated for the event. Luke purchased a fog machine, the kids thought it was fun.

She was a little unhappy. I think it is because she fell asleep during her first trick or treating experience and was sad that she missed it.

Brynlee being Cheesy with little sister.

Brynlee having fun playing in the leaves at Brandi and Jake's house.

Big Sister and Little Sister shirts.

Grandma and Grandpa Nelson with Chlöe

Grandma and Grandpa Allred with Chlöe