Friday, July 29, 2011

Cimarron, New Mexico

Time has gone quickly by and we are almost to the end of our summer here at Philmont. We are starting to wind down, and I realized that I had not posted any photos of the girls yet this summer. Sorry. I am going to just share a few of our favorite photos and happenings.

On the way to New Mexico we stopped in a little (awesome, and our new favorite town) Silverton, Colorado. I can't even begin to describe how amazing the mountains area around this place. It is really breath taking, and kind of makes you want to live around the area. Luke and I were lucky enough to be in Silverton twice this summer. Once in May as we drove to New Mexico and then a few weeks ago for the Hard Rock 100. The snow was melted and it was gorgeous.

At Philmont there is lots of hiking to be done. Luke ventured out with Brynlee one day to hike the Iconic "tooth" at Philmont. (See photo below). They went up a very steep trail called the Stockade. Brynlee was a trooper and made it half way up to the top. It was a good practice run because a month later we hiked it for grandpa's birthday. Brynlee did great with all of us there and made it to the Tooth ridge and summited to the top! She got quite a welcome at the top by the other hikers that were on the ridge. They were very proud of her and so were we.

Besides Hiking we have been hanging out and playing. Grandpa Nelson built a sandbox which has been lots of fun for the girls. Chlöe has enjoyed eating the sand.

Grandpa and Dad also put up a tire swing, which has consumed a lot of Brynlee's time.

Brynlee has also enjoyed riding her John Deere bike, and pulling sister in the wagon on the hitch.

Chlöe loves the slide at the park. She goes down all by her self and it's hilarious to watch her slide down it.

Cowgirl Brynlee, riding her John Deere with her boots and her hat.

We have a lot more photos to show you, but this is all the time I have for now. I'll try to update again soon. So long from Cimarron.