Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Updates

This spring we attended Baby animal days in Logan, Utah again. This time we had more company. My parents came along with Jake, Brandi, and Aliza. Brynlee still wasn't sure of what to think of the animals. I was hoping that having one year to grow up would have helped her to be less afraid of touching little harmless baby animals, but this was not the case. Again, even with grandma and grandpa she was too afraid to touch anything. She decided just looking was good enough. Her favorite part ended up being a little train ride. While it doesn't look like it on her face she really liked this part. Hopefully one of these days we will move past this part. At the end of the day they had a candy canon that went off and all the kids could get little goodies. I was surprised how well she did. She actually got quite a few pieces of candy even though there were so many kids. She ended up picking up the candy that was closest to us while all of the other kids ran for the middle. Overall it was a nice day to be out with the family.
While we were in Logan my parents, Casey, Brynlee, and I ran another 5K race. It was good to have my parents out and running again. My dad pushed Brynlee in the Chariot and was able to get third place in his age division. Way to go Dad. It was fun to be able to get out as a family and see them be active and do well. Even my mom ran/walked and had a very good time. Now we just need to find a few more for them, thank goodness for the Pocatello Fun Run Series.
Easter was nice. We didn't have the best weather but we did get out for a little Easter egg hunt.Brynlee enjoyed finding her eggs and helping her little cousin Aliza find eggs as well. It ended up being a quiet Easter because Luke had to ski patrol so Brynlee and I watched conference and stayed in side.
Since Easter our weather has been up and down, normal for Idaho spring but I always have high hopes for something better. Brynlee has been dying to get out side ever since last weekend when the weather was way too nice and has been talking about going to the pool nearly every day. She can not wait, and I have to admit I am a ready to sit at the pool as well.
Over spring break Luke went to Peru with Idaho Condor. It is a group made up of medical and dental professionals and students that go to small villages out side of Cusco Pero and offer services to the indigenous people. He was gone for 12 days and had an amazing trip and is already planning on the next trip back to Peru.
Right now I am enjoying not working full time. I have completed the spring semester with the hygiene students so I have a few weeks off unit I work a few days in summer clinic. It is nice to have this part completed, and knowing that summer is around the corner and that Luke will be graduating soon makes me very very happy.
Brynlee's birthday is coming up this weekend. She has been excited for a Dora Party for nearly 6 months now, so we can't let her down. She has been very excited for her Dora Party and has been talking about the different aspects of this party. We will be having a Dora cake and several different dora themed games. Luke and I talked to her about what kind of food she wanted for her birthday, we told her that she could choose her most favorite type of food to have with her friends and family, and guess what she chose?? She said she wanted Rice and Beans..... Rice and Beans is a three year old's favorite food! Funny huh, I love it! (I am not sure if this girl knows what a Happy Meal is...) So needless to say we will be having a fiesta! Dora Party here we come!!!