Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bad Blogger Award

Sorry Family and Friends,
I have done a really really bad job these last few months of keeping up with posting what has been happening with our family. I missed posting any information on Christmas and the New Year, not to mention many other small and fun Holidays that I didn't have to work. So now is the time to get motivated and feel like I can do more than I have been for the past three months.
Here is a rough summary of what we have been up to.
Work and School.
Ha ha.... sad right, but true. We have had some fun in there and have gotten out as a family and done a few things, I won't lie.
Christmas was fun. We spent Christmas at the Cabin with my family. It was nice to be in the mountains, it was quiet, simple, and nearly perfect. It was one to remember for a long time.
After Christmas, I have forgotten things. We went cross-country skiing for Martin Luther King day and then last month went night skiing with our friends at Pebble. Their little girl and Brynlee had a great time. It was so fun to see them enjoy the cold evening on the hill skiing with one and other. I hope it will be something the both of them will still enjoy as they get bigger. Grandpa and Grandma Allred (aka my parents) came down and brought the snowmobiles. We went riding up Mink Creek. It was a lot of fun and Brynlee discovered how to ride her "kitty Kat" by her self. It was a bit scary for us but she survived. I will make sure to post the video of her riding it, it is hillarious. Well other than that, we have been busy with work and school. It will soon come to an end, I have a month and a half of working full time and then I will only work 2 days a week after the university is closed for spring semester. I am looking forward to the break, and after yesterdays snow and today's cold tempetures I am really looking forward to spring and summer with warm days, flowers, gardens, running in the sun, playing at the pool, walking around the zoo, and only working 2 days a week. HERE IS TO Summer!

Spring Fairy

Brynlee and Grace "high five" before racing each other down the hill

Night Skiing at Pebble Creek

Brynlee and Papa Allred Snowmobiling at Cabin

Brynlee and cousin Aliza sledding down the road at the cabin