Thursday, March 27, 2008

March is almost gone.

I am not doing well with keeping up with my blog. Hopefully when I finish my thesis this summer I will have more time to update this blog.
This past month has been another busy one.
Luke had been competing in ski mountaineering races. Overall, he has done awesome. He was able to get first at the Pebble race, 9th in Alta, and 15th in Jackson. He did very well for his first season racing pro. We look forward to next year. 
I have been busy working on my thesis and trying to keep with with Brynlee. My thesis is getting closer, and I am schedule to defend my thesis on the 30th of April. YEAH! I will be excited when I get this behind me. It will be great to walk on May 10th in celebration. 
Brynlee is growing so fast. She is so close to walking. She loves to roam around the house now at her own will. As long as she has a wall to touch, she can go anywhere she wants. Easter was good for Brynlee, she received a new pair of Carhart bib overalls, sunglasses, her own Sigg water bottle, and a few new clothes. Grandma and Grandpa Nelson gave Brynlee her favorite thing right now- bubbles. She loves watching bubbles in the air, but I not sure who gets more enjoyment, it is a toss up between her and Pedro.