Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had a fun Halloween weekend. It seemed to be a very long celebration of Halloween due to it falling on a Monday this year. What do we need to do to change Halloween to occur on the last friday of October? I'll vote for it, who's with me?

I made the girls costumes this year. It was a first for me. Brynlee wanted to be either a princess or spiderman, and then she finally decided on spiderman. We modified her costume into a "spiderGirl" which didn't sit too well with another spiderMan on Halloween night.

Chlöe is a great little toddler, but every once in a while she can put up a pretty good temper. Brynlee had started calling Chlöe "Chlöe Bird" a few months ago and it has kind of stuck, so when chlöe starts getting mad- we naturally started calling her angry bird....so Chlöe was an angry bird this year, but the cutest little angry bird I've seen.

The costumes were pretty easy to make, and I was able to get them made during nap times. (yeah) Using clothing we already had, a few pieces from the dreaded wal-mart, felt, and a trusty glue gun we had two homemade costumes this year.

My parents put on a carnival for the grandkids this year. They put a lot of work into it and it turned out great. The kids all received tickets and were able to go through a spook alley, they had a coloring contest, cake walk (musical chairs), ring toss, and they had a fishing pond. The kids ran around a lot and really enjoyed it.

Getting tickets from Grandpa for the carnival

Entering into the Spook Alley

Grandpa shutting the door on the spook alley so it's nice an scary

Brynlee at the ring toss

Chlöe hanging onto the rings.

Chlöe trying out the fishing pond.

Musical chairs

Chlöe enjoying her cupcake.

Brynlee lost at musical chairs and was very sad. Her cupcake cheered her up though.

The grandkids

Monday we went door to door trick-or-treating this year. Our ward had a trunk-or-treat on Saturday night so it gave us a nice opportunity to walk through our neighbor hood with the girls and visit with our neighbors. It wasn't too cold and the girls had a fun time. Chlöe was mostly entertained by a sucker for the night, and Brynlee was very brave and did a really good job of saying "trick-or-treat" and thank you. It's fun to see her grow up and change from year to year and to see her develop a relationship with her sister.