Thursday, May 31, 2012


Brynlee started climbing. She was a little weary at first but quickly figured it out and surprised both Luke and I as she tried really hard and kept going up even after squishing fingers and bonking her head and legs. She has been quite a monkey lately and has also picked up a new talent for climbing trees. Chloe enjoyed wearing a make shift harness but did not want to get close to the rocks at all. She happily enjoyed playing in the dirt.

Brynlee also finished another year of pre-school. Technically she graduated from Pre-School, but lucky for us she will not be enrolled in public school and will continue Kindergarten at the Montessori school she has attended. We LOVE her school. She is in a great learning environment and has an amazing teacher. She has grown and learned so much. I really wish she could attend this one room class room until she was in fifth grade. For some reason since the day Brynlee was born I have feared and dreaded the day she would enter public school. At least I can put it off for another year. For the final day of school they didn't have a fancy program or presentation, but they took a class field trip to Lady Bird Farms. A local organic farm. It was great to go out there and see the huge garden. We enjoyed learning about their farming techniques. The class memorized a poem about zucchini and presented it to Jessie the organic farmer. I learned a lot and we hope to get out there again and help volunteer.

After sadly leaving Zion National Park and St. George at the beginning of the month, I was lucky enough to go back 2 weeks after leaving. I was invited by a friend to take a girls trip to Zion to go canyoneering and running. It was a great trip, so nice to get out...have "girl" conversations, and be active. We had a great balance of getting in a good work out, getting dirty, sweaty, and then eating amazing food and watching several chick flicks. 

Chloe is now 20 months old. She still isn't talking much but she has been trying...when she feels like it. She is a very funny girl, she has a huge smile that she shares with us constantlly. She has been living up to her nick name "Angry Bird," but for the most part has been good. She has been biting and scratching her older sister though, so we are trying to work through that...hopefully it doesn't last long. She is definitely more adventurous that her older sister. She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything or anyone, and really has no concept of the word no, which I find odd. She loves shoes and enjoys putting on all kinds of shoes no matter who's they are or what they are. Right now her favorites seem to be the one pair of heels that I own and a pair of vintage ski boots that are a decoration in the living room. She has to do everything that her older sister does and is a little shadow to Brynlee. Brynlee doesn't seem to mind at all and has been an amazing big sister to chloe. 

Brynlee has been taking Tap and Ballet at the community rec. center. She has enjoyed it and had her Spring Recital last night. It was so fun to watch her, plus she was so dang cute dressed up. She has grown up so quickly, I can't believe that she is old enough to be doing things like this. I think she enjoyed it, but didn't love it enough to try again. She mentioned she'd like to try tumbling and gymnastics so we might give that a try. I'm just so thankful that we live close to the rec. center and that they offer classes like this. 

 Special Dance recital flowers sent to Brynlee by grandma and grandpa Nelson!

Luke and I drove to Jackson wyoming over memorial day. As we were driving over the pass I remembered that it was ten years ago on memorial day weekend that we had gotten engaged. We stopped on the way home and took a photo. I can't believe it has been ten years! And yes, I would do it all over again.

Monday, May 7, 2012


This past week we had the chance to go to Zion National Park in Southern Utah. Luke had an opportunity to be in a photo/video shoot for Patagonia. It was an awesome experience, we met some amazing people, had a great time, and we loved being in 85 Degree weather. We still can't believe the opportunity we had and will be anxiously waiting to see the results of the week.
 I took my camera, but only pulled it out once so we don't have many photos. The girls played in lots of sand, dirt, and rocks. We forgot to bring our hiking backpack so we didn't get out on any hikes this trip...I don't know how we missed that on the packing list, seriously. 
I am sure we'll be back again and we'll get out to explore more. We camped most of the time we were there and there was a great beach next to the river at our campground. We had fun playing by the shore. 

Luke also had the chance to run the Zion traverse trail. It's basically a trail that runs east to west in the park and covers 48 miles. He and Krissy ran it hoping to become the new male and female time record holders. I've included a few photos of the end of the run...Luke put all that he had into it and it shows. I'm not sure that I have ever seen him so wrecked before, but it was worth the push. He beat the record by 10 min, running 48 miles in 7:48. Krissy also did amazing and ran it in 9:09 also a new record!

Brynlee also celebrated a birthday. She is 5 now! We didn't go all out like I did last year, thank was more simple this year. We spread it out over several days so she had a lot of fun. She invited a friend to outer limits to play, we had family over for dinner, and then we had cake in Zion National Park. She has grown up so much lately, she is an amazing big sister, she is a great helper for me, and has a very sweet personality. We love you so Much Big Girl!!!