Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Mexico

The girls and I headed down to Philmont again...
Brynlee was very excited because she thought we would be staying for 
the whole summer like we did last year, 
so she was a little sad when I explained that we would 
only by staying for 10 days, 
and that daddy would not be coming with us.
Luke has been on a traveling frenzy
and needed to stay home to get hours in at work.
So the girls and I headed to SLC and Jumped on a plane to Denver. Chlöe did
great on her first flight ever, I know those
around us were worried, but it
was only a one hour flight and she had plenty
to keep her busy.

Grandpa picked us up and we headed down the road to New Mexico. (4 hour drive)
The girls were welcomed with new clothes...
Thanks, they look adorable in their new
western outfits...Ready for ridding the ponies.

At the Ranch this year the girls were able to 
attend the programs that they offer for 
the children that come 
with their parents for training.
Brynlee attended "Bandits" and Chlöe was at
Small Fry.

Brynlee was able to ride a bus and go
hiking. She went on 2 one mile hikes...
after one hike she was awarded root beer 
and the other hike ended at a T-Rex print.
Brynlee made all sorts of items like a bug catcher,
a Lorax mask, a rubber band gun, and several
other fun things.
But most importantly the girls
get to go ride ponies. 
Brynlee was super excited to see her
old friend Butterscotch, but
Chlöe would only touch this
gentle friend. She wanted nothing to do with them.

We had several pony rides...Hence the amount of photos.

We met with Sam, the pony wrangler, one
morning by ourselves in an attempt to encourage Chlöe to 
ride the horse...

This is a photo of Chlöe on the way 
out to the stables.
She was showing us
how to ride a pony.

Brynlee was informing Chlöe of the
rules when riding 
a pony.

Well Chlöe again would
not get on the pony...

so Brynlee got to help Sam get Chaco (the new pony friend)
 ready for a ride.

My cute girls hanging out at the stable...

At Grandma and Grandpa's house there are several things
that have to get done while we are there...
Lots of bike rides...

Time in the sand box...

Swinging on the tire swing...

And Attending a camp fire program at a back country camp.

While attending a BBQ
Brynlee got a sliver 
Deep in her Thumb.
She reported that it was
the WORST Day EvER!

It was deep, poor thing.
We had to get out a needle
to dig it out. 
She survived....

Here are a few extra shots of Chlöe... They were cute.

 We had a great time and it was fun to be 
back in New Mexico again. 
It was hard to believe that a year
 had gone by since we had been there last. 

So long Cimarron...
Until we meet again.