Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Brynlee

Brynlee Turned 4 Today!

Brynlee has been so excited for her birthday...if you are around her much you have been hearing about her birthday or have been asked on several occasions if she had turned 4 yet. She could hardly wait to be able to hold up four fingers and to catch up to her friends who were already 4. Early in the week Brynlee had asked me what a celebration was, I told her it was like a big party for a special event. She told me that she wanted a celebration for her birthday instead of a party. So, here are some details of her celebration.
Per her requested we celebrated her birthday Rapunzel style after the movie Tangled. I wasn't planning on doing much for her birthday and had only decided a week ago to have friends over, so I jumped online and found a few great ideas for her party. I usually don't make links to posts and mention much about what we do, but I would feel bad about not sharing the sites that I found information from, so here is some information. Disney had a whole website with activities and party ideas, even free invitations and a cake idea, I used most of them. I also found a few other sites that blogged about their parties as well. They were a big help. I spent a lot of time decorating the house, but it didn't cost much. Brynlee liked it a lot...but in the long run I might have gone overboard a bit. The party was for 4 yr olds, and lasted an hour and a half- so, anyway...lots of work for a short party. We just might keep the decorations up for awhile or move the Martha Stewart pom poms into the girls room for a bit.
Sorry the photos are so small. I was having problems uploading larger ones and I am not that good at taking photos so...we get what we get.

When the kids came they colored on coloring sheets from the movie and then we had a contest to see who could draw the best Flynn Rider nose. The kids drew a nose on a wanted poster and then hung their wanted poster up in the room. Most of the noses would have looked better on a jack-o-lantern vs. Flynn Rider, but that's what you get when you have 4 yr old artists.
Next, they played pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider's face. It was funny watching the kids place this because they had never really played pin the tail on the donkey, so it was fun watching them figure it out.

We needed to get some of their wiggles out so we headed outside. We lucked out on our Idaho weather and had sun shine which made it nice for a tug-of-war. One website had suggested braiding yellow rope and using it as Rapunzel's hair, but that sounded like way too much work so we used one of Luke's old climbing ropes instead. The kids had also never really played this before and it was funny watching them...they had a lot of fun and did a great job. At one point they all ended up on the ground pulling each other back and forth.

Next we headed to the pinata. We have a tradition in our family that on Birthday's and other get togethers we usually have a pinata. No party is complete without one at our house. Some of the kids had been at Brynlee's last years party where we had a pinata for her Dora Party, and they were all ready for it this year. They did a better job at it this time around, but we still stepped in and helped a little in order to get the candy out.

(This was the poor pinata after the party)

After all the "sugary candy" was picked up we headed inside for some healthy snacks. I placed strawberries, grapes, cheese, crackers, and carrots in two skillets that I had. (I also saw this online)

The kids quickly ate this up and then moved on to the cake, cupcakes, and presents. Brynlee's cake was more of a decoration than anything else. It was from the Disney website as well, so I just copied it. It wasn't hard, it just didn't look as nice as the one online, but people could tell what it was so that was good.

Before the kids went home we gave them party favor bags, I didn't get a photo of them but they included a thank you bag with bubbles, a pencil, and a set of watercolor paints that had a print I modge podged on that I found here as well.
Phew, well that was the party. We were tired after that, so after the kids went home Brynlee, Chloe, and I curled up in the basement and watched Tangled.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart. You make everyday an adventure and exciting.