Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend at Cabin

Luke finished the last day of his third rotation. I am happy to report that we only have 5 more rotations left until graduation. (Can you tell we are counting down?) To celebrate his "last" Christmas break we headed up to Palisades with my parents to their cabin. We had a great weekend of relaxing and playing in the snow. We were excited to see all the snow that came down. It snowed consistently the two days that we were up there. We did a lot of playing in the snow and Brynlee enjoyed riding the snowmobile again. She also did a little skiing with her Sad and Papa Allred.
The biggest excitement/work came when my dad's truck got stuck in the snow and then slipped down to the side of the mountain. The snow gods must have been mad at us for driving the truck to the cabin on the 11th of December and got back at us. It took 4-5 hours of work, along with a chain wench, and lots of digging to get the darn thing off the mountain, but at least we are all home safe and will be driving the snowmobiles to the cabin through the rest of winter.

Trying to pull the truck off the side of the road. There is a steep slope on the right side of the truck.

This is my dad's truck stuck on the side of the road leaning down the mountain.

Luke throwing Brynlee up.

Papa Allred, Luke, and Brynlee getting ready to go skiing

Brynlee pulling funny faces on the "kitty cat"

Brynlee getting rides on the sled. Lucky girl.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


We here happy and a little surprised to wake up to snow on Saturday morning. Brynlee and I decided that we would go out and have a little fun. We went over to my brother Jake's house and played in the snow. He has a little artic cat snowmobile. Last year Brynlee wanted nothing to do with it, but this year she was fine. Here are a few photos of us in the snow. Brynlee liked eating it as much as playing in it. She also attempted a snow angel, which was funny to watch.