Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here are a few photos of this last month

Spring Break

This week is the beginning of spring break for ISU, but it has not started off well. Yesterday we received 3-4 inches of snow, and the forecast for the following days are not looking up. This past month we have been in our usual routine, work and school. We have gotten in a few days up at pebble and Luke has spent the last three weekends in randonnee races in Pocatello, Utah, and Jackson Hole. Those are now completed and we are heading into the beginning of running starting in April. Overall, we have not been doing anything exciting. We basically just go day to day and week to week... at least now through school, but we are looking forward to Spring.

Brynlee has been growing up a lot lately, she learns so much every day. We are getting close to 2yrs old now and she is quite the "big girl" now. We are slowly trying to decrease time with her binky, sometimes we have meltdowns, but she is gradually having it less and less. Her vocabulary is growing daily, and she is talking more and more. Her new sayings are now "Sure" instead of saying "yes," and she has been say "help you" instead of "help ME." That one has been a little confusing to her. She likes to help around the house and will cook dinner or "soup" on her little kitchen set. Her favorite movies right now are #1: shrek and #2: Nemo. We cannot get enough of Shrek, in fact she wants to watch it so much we actually had to take a break from Shrek for a week because she would wake up at night and want to watch Shrek. Who knew that a big green ogre could be so interesting for a 2 yr old. One day we might move on to princesses, but right now Shrek will do. 

I guess I should mention that we did have something interesting or crappy happen to us last weekend. We had some punk come through our neighborhood and spray painted several houses, fences, and cars. Our car, house, and renters truck were all tagged. It wasn't fun, but it did come off with some elbow grease. I just hope the ones responsible will get caught- I'm voting for lots of community service!