Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Shutters

Luke put new shutters on our house this weekend. It is hard to tell from the photo,but they are ceder shutters. It dresses it up a bit more, and I think we will also be adding them to the other windows.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brynlee's first dental visit

I had some down time at work this week so I figured I would take Brynlee in and try her first dental "Happy Visit." Being the daughter of a dental hygienist I was hoping that she would do good and let me touch her teeth. At first when she saw the dental chair all covered in plastic she wansn't sure what to think, but as soon as I turned on the t.v. to cartoons, she didn't care what I did. I am happy to report that it was a successful visit, she let me remove the plaque, polish, and even let me give her fluoride, which most kids hate. Way to go Brynlee!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Updates

Luke accomplished a major goal this running season- He ran the Bear 100! He did an amazing job as well. He ran 100 trail miles in 21 hours and 55 min. The race went from Logan to Bear Lake and had a ton of vertical climb and drop. I can't remember how far exactly, but it was a lot. He finished 4th overall in under 22 hours. The crazy thing is that only 9 people ran 100 miles in less than 24 hours. 99 runners completed the race and most of them did it in 30+ hours. This photo of Luke finishing was taken at 3:55 in the morning! What a fun and super crazy event! Nice job bud.

The Allred family reunion was again at Medow Lake. We lucked out this year and had really good weather. It was really fun to have the family together and it was very relaxing. Brynlee is getting older and loves camping and spending time with extended family. She also had a good time telling everyone what to do- you know, as a 2 yr old would.

Brynlee and Pappa Allred on the lake with a mighty squirt gun.

Brynlee and Uncle Jake fishing. She wasn't sure if she really liked the fish or not.

Brynlee and I were lucky enough to make it to my dad's grain harvest in Rigby in September. Brynlee enjoyed riding with Uncle Casey in the big grain truck. She was a little shy and did not want to ride in the combine, but maybe next year she'll be ready.

Brynlee and Mommy hanging out in the grain truck.

Brynlee and Pappa Allred watching the grain on the farm. Brynlee has a sad look on her face because she had only a few hours eariler received a very short hair cut from Grandma. So long hair. We are crossing our fingers that it will grow back soon and that Brynlee will stop twirling it and breaking it off.

Brynlee and Uncle Casey driving the grain truck.

I spent a little time this summer finishing those projects that never seem to get done. This is a dress I started making for Brynlee last fall and finally finished it this fall.

Luke and Brynlee's first day of school. Luke headed off to his first day on PA rotations and Brynlee started back into full time school at ELC. (So sad that summer is over).

Keiko, a friend from work, and I ran the Pocatello 1/2 marathon this fall. I ran it in under my goal time so I was happy with the results. (Now we'll think of running further next year). It was fun...well kind of. I was glad that I did it, but running on the road really isn't that fun. I am realizing that I am becoming a trail runner and that my body doesn't hurt as bad after running on trails.