Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

I loved having the 4th of July on a Wednesday. It gave us so much time to celebrate....
The past three years we have not been in Pocatello for the 4th, and the last two years Brynlee has not seen fireworks at all...so this year was a lot of fun because we did some of the more traditional things.
Wednesday morning we headed to the parade route and enjoyed the 4th of July parade. It was hot outside, but the girls had a good time. I was glad we could honor those who have fought for our freedom and it was a good opportunity to teach Brynlee about it as well.
Later that evening we went over to our friends house, the Schroeder's, and had a BBQ, which was awesome because we haven't done that for awhile. The kids had a great time as well because they were able to light off a bunch of "legal" fireworks. On a side note, When Luke and I bought some fire works, I think we only spent $10, but Luke told me that was the first time he had ever bought fireworks. I thought it was crazy, growing up with my 2 brothers....they were always lighting off fireworks and blowing stuff up... i guess there's always a first time, right.


Brynlee enjoyed it and wanted to light everything. Chloe wasn't as excited and was hiding behind everyone and was closing her ears. 

Thursday night we drove to Palisades and spent the rest of the weekend with my parents. It was great to get back into the mountains. I hadn't been up there since winter and I am always blown away by how gorgeous it is over there. On Friday and Saturday we went out on the lake. Growing up we spent a lot of time in the boat, so I am very happy that both girls love being in Papa's boat. Brynlee got behind the wheel for awhile. She did a great driving of steering, mostly straight, we were just glad that it is a big lake. 


Can't have summer with out watermelon!