Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Year

I am sure that it is no surprise that I have a problem keeping up with this blog. I did set a goal to at least update it monthly... so we'll see what actually happens.
We really enjoyed the Christmas season this year. Brynlee is growing up so much, and it is making life so much fun. I can't even tell you how much she cracks me up... she is quite the little character. For Christmas this year we headed down to New Mexico. Luke's parents moved there in April, so for Christmas they flew us down. Luckily we missed the major winter storms that came through the area. We had a lot of fun hanging out with the family. Luke and I got in a few days of skiing... yeah! Brynlee had a lot
 of fun opening up all of her gifts, but I think she was more interested in ripping of the wrapping paper that actually what was inside of the boxes. However, she is now enjoying her gifts now that time has passed. 
Now that the holiday season has passed, we are attempting to get back into our hectic routine. I am not excited about it because it was so nic
e to have luke home and actually spend time together as a family, but the sooner we get going the quicker he'll be done. Luke's PA school is still intense and I was hoping that this semester would be better, but so far he'll still be very busy. I hate to complain because I am thankful that he is in a good program that will give our family a promising future, and he works very hard, Thanks Luke.
We hope that you all have a great January 
and I am crossing my fingers that I'll get a few more postings this month.  

Here are a few Christmas photos of Brynlee.