Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good thing this isn't my day job

I am not sure that I am cut out for blogging, it's a good thing I am not doing this to make money or to show people how to do something. I have to admit, the reason why I don't stick with updating this blog can be blamed on the whole loading and uploading photos. I hate waiting for the whole process to happen. Anyway, I have considered not blogging anymore..but I am sure come summer when we start playing outside again I'll have photos that I'll what to share with family and friends we'll see. No promises though.

Since January's last post...
We tried to enjoy our sad snow-less winter
I said good by to my Grandma Joyce. I miss her
Brynlee Started Taking Ballet Lessons
Luke skimo raced in Colorado (2x's)
Pedro turned 7 (in human years)
Chloe has been an eating, growing, and climbing machine

so now I am hoping for lots of...
and chickens.

Last weekend we finally got in a good snow day as a family. We went to the cabin and went sledding, snowmobiling, and built a great snowman. It was good to finally get out and play in good snow, but it was even nicer coming home to spring like weather!
Here are a few photos.