Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chlöe Skye Nelson

Finally I am able to introduce you to the newest member of our family. I wanted to do this much earlier but I have spent the last week recovering from a nasty Battle with Mastitis! I had a really bad infection, and I am glad to finally be on the mend and to feel somewhat back to normal.

Chlöe Skye Nelson was born on September 13, 2010. She weighed 6 LBS and 2 oz, 17 in long.
Her labor was awesome. Five hours from first contraction to when she was born at 10:30 in the morning. She has been a great baby. She actually does what newborns are suppose to do, sleep and eat. It has been nice to have some time to recover from, well everything. Brynlee was not sure what to think of her sister at first. We had a rough first week as she was not sure what to think, but after spending a great one on one weekend with my parents in Rigby she was alright with coming home and was ready to be a big sister. She has gotten more comfortable with her little sister every day and has gotten back to being her good ol' self again. We are glad to have our happy Brynlee back.

A little information on Chlöe's name.
My great grandma's name was Chloe Nelson (No relationship to Luke's side- just so you know)
Luke's Grandpa Nelson is from Sweden, so we thought we could pair my great grandmother's name with a Swedish spelling. As for Skye- it means clouds and Brynlee's middle name is Sierra- meaning mountains, we thought it would go together well- and would represent our love for the outdoors.
There will be more photos to come. These were all I had on my computer. Getting sick put a damper on the amount of cute photos, so don't worry more to follow. We did a newborn photos session in Blackfoot at Paisley Studios and had some amazing photos taken of Chlöe by herself, with Brynlee, and then a few with me. I am excited to get them back and post them. Just a plug for the studio that took the photos, they were amazing to work with and worked magic with a little three year old sister that did not want her photo taken with her sister.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LIfe is Crazy

I have been meaning to catch our blog up for a while now but have been unsuccessful. This past month has been crazy busy and I will try to catch up on the details.
We took a little family road trip late in August and drove to Sun Valley, stayed at Red Fish lake and then headed to a friends wedding along the East Fork of the Salmon River. It was a beautiful drive and we were able to see amazing mountain ranges every where we drove. It was nice to get out and enjoy some of the last good weeks of summer.

Over Labor Day weekend Brynlee and I signed up for the Pocatello Marathon's events. I walked the 5K and Brynlee ran, well attempted to run in a .2 mile kid race. We figured with all of the races Brynlee has followed Luke and I to, she would have fun running in her own.
Being pregnant, walking the 5K was not as easy as I thought it would be, but I slowly made it.
Luke ran the Wasatch 100 mile trail race over this past weekend. He did very well and finished the 100 miles in less than 24 hours. What makes it more amazing is that his knee was in horrible pain and he was still one of only 16 people who finished in under 24 hours. (a total of 250 people signed up for the race). I was very proud of him. I was not able to be there to support him on this race, due to my pregnancy moving along faster than we planned on it was better that I stay home and not travel to Utah. We did not want to have our little girl come into the world while he was running the race.
I ended up going into labor on monday morning.... and I will post about that adventure later.