Friday, August 19, 2011

Home Again,

We returned from Cimarron, NM this past weekend and it was a little bitter sweet. We were really not ready to leave, but we needed to come back to work on the next stage of our life. I was sad to leave Philmont. We had a great time there. I am happy to be back in Pocatello, to shopping at Winco, Costco, Fred Meyers, TJ Maxx, and was surprised to see that we will soon be getting a Cafe Rio. But, I miss the quiet simple things we were able to do at the ranch together as a family. We were able to eat all of our meals together in the dining hall and were able to spend a lot of time together. It was great to have the girls be able to spend so much time with their grandparents.
Now being back, I miss dirt roads. I miss being able to walk across the street and run for a long time without seeing anyone but deer, or elk, or antelope, or possibly buffalo in the fields. I also miss the afternoon thunderstorm that would roll in cooling us off from the heat of the day. I miss seeing all of the big trees and baby deer running through the fields.....
But, We are back to enjoy the end of summer in Idaho and look forward to doing many more fun things. We have already gone to the cabin, been boating, went to the Pool, had snow cones (tigers blood of course), played in our yard, at the park, gone on wagon rides, and are planning a trip to the Zoo.
Here are a few more photos of things on the ranch.

Nelson Family Philmont Photo.

Brynlee and her new unicorn horn, which she is very proud of.

The girls at a playground in Taos, NM.

Grandpa Nelson and Brynlee playing golf in the back yard.

Chlöe on her first official day of crawling.

Me and the girls heading on our hike up to "Lovers Leap"

So long Grandma and Grandpa, we'll miss you.