Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Busy New Year

Saturday morning of New Years we took the girls skiing up to Pebble. Even though it was very chilly outside, Brynlee was quite a trooper and enjoyed going skiing.

Thank goodness for a ski harness. Dad makes a good Brynlee Lift.

Bynlee skiing down and practicing her "Pizza"

Luke and Brynlee on the chair lift

The First weekend of the New Year, Luke skied in the US National Ski Mountaineer Championship race that was held in Jackson Hole, WY. He has been racing in ski mountaineering for several years, but this year his fitness level and ski gear were in line and he was able to pull out a great race. He finished third overall, but was the second American to cross the finish. This race was also a qualifier for the US Skimo team. The first three American finishers would qualify to be on the national team that would compete in February in Italy. Luke is very excited and will be heading off to Italy next month! We are super excited for him, and even though I will not be going over...we will be supporting him from home base.

Here are a few photos of the end of the race. I was not able to make it to the start, just the end of the race. If you go to there is a feature article and it describes the race a bit as well as showing them climbing Corbet's.

Here is Luke finishing the race, Stoked and in Lycra.

Brynlee was making snow angels as we waited for Luke to finish.

The day following the National Championship race, Targhee also held a skimo race that was a qualifier for the US Skimo team. Luke raced it as well and came in fourth overall, third American. It was a very chilly morning. Here is a photo of the sun burning off the morning fog at Targhee. I was hiding in the lodge, believe me it was cold.

The starting Line,

The race is on, skiing up the mountain...

and up...

Girls waiting in the lodge, keeping warm.

Finished 4th overall.

Good race, Very cold, frozen face. Now to train for world's in Itally.

Chlöe is growing up so fast. She is 4 months old now and I feel bad that I haven't taken as many photos of her as I did Brynlee. It breaks my heart that I can't turn back time and have those moments again to take photos of her cute little face. SO I have vowed to take more photos! I am leaving my camera out and taking photos weekly.
Here are a few photos of Chlöe sitting up in her new big girl chair. I love this thing!

I started giving her a little bit of rice cereal, which she loved. Here is her first food experience. As you can see, she was very happy about the experience.

Brynlee is now loving the camera and also had to have a photo taken. Who can blame her, she is dang cute.

We were given this cute little bunny hat by a good friend. All I can say is stinken cute! Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks!!!!