Tuesday, September 18, 2012

France Part 1

I think I have posted way to many photos of our trip, but I wanted to try to help show you how amazing this place is. We were in Love with Chamonix. It was an awesome town, and I could see myself living here...Of course I'd have to learn French.

This photo is of Paris, We ended our trip here and I'll post photos later of the ground view.

This was our "hotel" and was by far one of the best places I've ever stayed.
It was in the center of everything. It had amazing views that I am pretty sure I took several photos of each day, No Joke.

Kitchen area, Loft above

Our Bedroom

Living Room

View off Balcony. We have three doors that accessed it. Plus each bedroom had a balcony as well.

It was amazing to walk through town and then look up and see this huge mountain and glacier. It reminded me of being in Zion and being astonished by the mountain views there.

This was the starting and the finishing line for the races 

Macaroons Everywhere! They were so Yummy!! Somewhere I have photos of Crepes and Waffles that were to die for, I'll be digging through photos to show them soon.

We rode to the top of one of the Five trams in the Valley and Ran up to a place called Loc Blanc. We went Up and Up forever and were not really sure of where we were going but when we got to the top it was beautiful and I'm glad we did it.

Views of the mountains on our run

Loc Blanc

We had caught the last trap up for the day and had to run down the mountain. Part way down is this amazing restaurant called Chalet La Floria There were millions of flowers everywhere, it was an awesome place. 

Luke and Krissy outside of the Patagonia store. Luke is sitting next to the poster of him and Krissy running in Zion. They gave a presentation at the store later in the week about their Zion FKT.

One of our favorite days. We road 2 different trams to get up to the top of this mountain. It is called the Aiguille Du MiDi. This area is mind blowing....Seriously....I could have spent all day up there if it wasn't freezing!

This is a view from the second tram and we headed to the top.

Here is a tram coming down

This is looking from the top of the tram where climbers are heading over to climb Mont Blanc

Us at the TOP

Our amazing group. Luke, Me Anna (UltrAspire) Krissy, Jon, Adrianne and Jeremy (UltrAspire)

THis is Jon and Luke looking out of where the Climbers begin their journey to Mont Blanc

Our Group again, behind us is Mont Blanc

More incredible views this is looking left of Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

This is yet another amazing vantage point of more incredible mountains just opposite the view from Mont Blanc.

Mont-Blanc Again, sorry

After we came down from the first tram you could hike a trail that went over to anther glacier area. It was approx 5 miles or so across. I had taken several iphone photos from the views on the run, but the sun distorted most of the photos and they didn't turn out. This whole area was carved out by a massive glacier and is rapidly melting. We hiked down to the glacier and you could actually walk through the glacier because they have drilled a hole running through it that you can walk through. Slightly Sketchy, but interesting. The saddest part of the day was when you walked down they had different signs of where the glacier was located over the past several decades. It was crazy to see how just in the past 5 years how rapidly it is melting away. 

This was one photo that turned out ok from the run.

Lunch by the river. My first real Pizza. I have a photo of it somewhere. We ended up eating here three times. 

Jeremy and Anna Floating down the river. 

They had an expo before the race. Luke and Krissy signed autographs at the UltrAspire Booth. THis guy was apparently excited.

The day before the race our beautiful blue skies were taken over.

The check in line for the race, we waited for an hour or more here.

Luke found his race number. He was one of 2300 racers. (crazy, and to think he was only doing one of the four races that is offered).

Checking in Mandatory gear.

Waiting to get blood drawn. You know making sure that he isn't blood doping. 

Chip being placed on pack

Official UTMB Wrist band attached

Checked in!

Good luck toe nail polish from Krissy. 

Modifying Pack

Checking the map for the 100th time

Stay tuned for race photos and then our trip over into Italy and then Paris. 

Here is a video looking around at the mountain view from the top of the tram. 

WARNING: Turn your volume DOWN. It was super windy up top and it's very loud.

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